Magdalena's Medieval and Modern Miscellany

Magdalena's Medieval and Modern Miscellany

Last Updated on 9/20/99

Welcome to Magda's Miscellany, where my homepage is my castle.

Magdalena's Medieval Miscellany

Has information about recreating the Middle Ages and Renaissance (SCA), with an emphasis on Music, Dance and Costuming. It also has information on my own life in the Current Middle Ages.

Magdalena's Modern Miscellany

Is my personal webpage with links to pages regarding various aspects of my life and hobbies, including some of my favorite clipart sites, the homepages of friends I've met on the web, and the following:

Magdalena's Parrot Perch

Includes the homepages of Jester the maroon belly Conure, Romana the Cockatiel, and Smidgin the green rump Parrotlet. It has Pictures, Stories, and tons of Links to other Bird Websites and Webrings.

Magdalena's Cake Creations

Has pictures of cakes I have decorated.

Matilda's Goose Garb

Shows off one of my mother's hobbies: sewing clothes for the cement goose that sits on her porch.

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