corgi7's Classical Music Home Page

Corgi7's Classical Music Home Page

Music is an outlet for emotion. No other type of music shows this emotion quite in the same way as classical music does. Different types of classical music had a certain written form which usually had to be followed. But within that form, within those boundaries, the composers let themselves go. Some expressed their opinions about political and social issues in their music. Some expressed their thoughts and ideals in their music. And some composers wrote music dedicated to God.

Classical music is rich and full of life. The classical composers were brilliant people. They had a passion for music that is expressed in their works. Many of them could hear the music in their heads long before they played the notes. If this isn't genius, then what is?

I've loved music for as long as I can remember. When I cried when I was little, often my dad would take me to the piano. He would sit on the piano bench, hold onto me with one hand and play with the other. I never failed to listen and calm down. Today I still love music. I'm in my tenth year of studying the piano, and I truly love it. My mind can relax while I'm playing. Sometimes I'm completely there, concentrating, knowing what I'm doing. But other times I just drift off and hear the music from a distance. Often I get so involved while playing that I become unaware of my surroundings. Sometimes it's good just to relax.

This page will talk about the lives of some of the greatest composers of all time. I will explore their music, their attitudes, and their spiritual lives. Click on the name of one of the following classical composers to learn about him.