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by the Clarinet Section!!

Welcome to our clarinet homepage! This is our first attempt at a homepage...we're really trying to make it good. We are all beginners at this, so if you get any loose brick falling on you, hey, it's not our fault! Anyway, we hope to make this fun, and sort of educational, so that perhaps all the budding clarinettists out there can learn a thing or two from all this!

Anyway, just to tell you more about our section. It is the clarinets section of RGSSB, that is, Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)Symphonic Band. Right now, there are 16 members, 6 sec threes, 6 sec twos, and 4 sec ones. Our beloved Sec fours have just left us recently to prepare for their O levels. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sec fours for all they have done. Thank you so much, Huimin, Esther, AnnChyi, MunYee, Frodine and Jacqueline. Thank you for all the time you guys spent on us, teaching us, not only skills involving playing the clarinet, but things that have to do with character-building which would, of course, count more in the long run. Thank you so much, and we think we can safely say we all miss you all a lot. (And since I'm the one doing this right now, i'd like to thank especially my godma, Esther. Thank you for putting up with me and my nonsense. You've been a real motivator for me!)

Next, a lil' tribute to all the RGSSB Sec Fours out there, who are mugging hard for their O's! All the very best for the exams, and thanks for all that you've done!!

And finally, for you who is visiting this page, thanks for coming! Though this page is still pretty much under construction, I hope you enjoy yourself here! Have a great time surfing!Oh yah, before you leave, please leave your mark in our guestbook thanks!

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