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Welcome to Jayne's World! Here, you can visit any of my webpages, all of which are listed below. I will update them every once in a while, so be sure to check back. Next to each page is a date, meaning when the page was last updated. Don't forget to sign my guestbook! =)

My weblog-thats right...I've jumped the bandwagon...check it out! and gasp-I've actually updated it!2/09/03
Favorite Quotes!-Thats right! a NEW section! OMG!2/09/03
Tubagirl!-A page dedicated to the Tuba and band - This page is in limbo...but ya can still read about the instruments2/09/03
My Little Ponies-My collection, want list, and more! Cleaning and Customizing too!11/28/01
Monty Python- Coming Soon!11/28/01
My favorite bands/music groups-See pics of 2 of my favorites-U2, and R.E.M.5/15/99
All about me4/25/03
A silly questionairre...Don't read this if you are super sensitive on the subject of religion, and no offense is intended!! =)5/17/99

My latest obsession is nifty webcomics. These are my faves:

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