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I am going to gather all my resources and get together with the Claffey Home Page folks at That site is actively used and updated by many Claffeys. It is terrifically managed by Web Master Carol Ann Claffey Mounts, with active participation by researchers Jim and Ann Claffe. I never had time for managing this site, yet I have a tremendous amount of information that has not been made available online. For instance, I have slogged through many microfilms of the parish records in Ireland, recording all Claffey's mentioned. I've attempted genealogies of the families mentioned there as well, and bounced much of this against interviews with Claffeys in Athlone, Ferbane & Lisclooney. Sadly, I doubt that the Claffey in Australia who is searching for his mother ever found her (as mentioned below).

"I was only seven years old when I arrived in Perth in 1947 and was in Clontarf Orphanage and Castledare Orphanage over the next eleven years. During this time we were often driven to Boys' Town in Bindoon, some 60 miles North east of Perth, to build the main buildings of Bindoon Orphanage..."

He is searching for his mother, and as he is approaching the age of 60, feels that time is running out quickly to locate his mother while she may still be alive. Her name is Mary Elizabeth Claffey, and the birth certificate that was obtained for him by someone at the Child Migrants Trust stated that he (James Claffey) was born on Dec. 17th, 1939 at 14 Seymour Gardens, Ilford, Essex, UK.

"My mother was Irish and had traveled out of Ireland to have me born in England (so I am told). She worked as a housemaid for the Glasgow family at 252 Ley Street, Ilford. Note the time-period.- the German aerial blitz of London occurred at this time and I still have many vivid memories of the war period. I was placed into the care of the sisters in a Catholic Orphange and was later evacuated by train out of London due to the heavy bombing raids and placed in Nazareth House Ditton, just out from Liverpool. At this period of WWII the German bombers could not yet reach Liverpool although this changed as the war went on. At this time all contact with my mother was lost. She left the Glasgow family to return to Ireland."

If anyone has any information that may shed light on this, please contact me. I've reactivated my email account, which is Thank you!


Claffey Connections

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