Galata Chamber Choir

Galata Chamber Choir

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The Galata Chamber Choir (now spead out all over the world) is composed of 8 members : 2 French, 2 Italians, 1 British all living in Turkey, and 3 Turks. With a humanist thought, their goal is to make music together in an atmosphere of friendship, and to experience a mosaic of cultures.

The repertoire of the Galata Chamber Choir consists of polyphonic works of various composers from the Renaissance and Baroque periods (15th-18th cc.) and is sung in seven different languages : english, french, german, italian, latin, spanish and turkish.

Based on the love of music and people, the Galata Chamber Choir welds different cultures in peace. The benefits from their concerts are left to the competent organizations to help the poor, the elderly, and orphans and children in need.

Whenever possible, the Galata Chamber Choir's concerts take place in historical places.

Evelyne Besse

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