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Who am I?

Retired from ENSEEIHT (Ecole Nationale d'Electrotechnique, d'Electronique, d'Informatique et d'Hydraulique de Toulouse), an engineering school (technical university) belonging to the INPT (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse), where I taught digital electronics and error-correcting codes. During my career I have engaged in important musical activities. I hope that the lessons I have learned from practicing music, have allowed me to teach the scientific subjects better. My research activities were focused on what is common in all these domains, and more particularly on the algebraic structures which span them.

My roots

Born in Hungary, I emmigrated to France in 1956 and I am now a French citizen. Currently I feel 100% French, and... 100% Hungarian (too bad for the math!). This is very annoying when I watch a France vs. Hungary soccer match on TV. That's one of the main reasons why I don't have a TV at home.

I assembled some thoughts about bilingualism and double culture (science and music).

My scientific itinerary

You may be interested in my scientific studies, teaching and research.

My musical itinerary

If you are a flutist, pianist or violist, you'll be interested in my compositions. There are also pieces for choir, string orchestra and chamber ensembles. Here is a list of my compositions, where you may download some pages of sheet music. Also you may hear some of my works in MP3 format at my other website.

You may to take a look at my musical studies and activities.

You may consult a schedule of concerts where works of Pierre Csillag are performed, or where Véronique, Dora and/or Pierre Csillag perform.

I made a Hungarian pronounciation guide for French-speaking choir directors (sorry, it is in French).

Please, don't hesitate to me any remarks, questions or suggestions.

Particularly, please let me know when you perform in public one of my works. Thank you in advance!

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