Christopher's Classical Conservatory

Christopher's Classical Conservatory

Welcome To My Classical Conservatory.

My name is Christopher, and I am from Northern Ontario, Canada. I have recently discovered classical music and must say that is my favorite type of music. It sure beats all that heavy metal garbage. Unfortunately, my friends don't agree, but who cares if they have no taste in music anyway, right?

Anyway, this page is dedicated to all my favorite pieces and composers. Here you will find in depth histories, biographies, and midi music to help enlighten you in your knowledge. This page will constantly be under construction, with new links and pages added all of the time. So, enjoy what I have to offer you and visit often. Any of the midi files may be downloaded for your listening pleasure. Also, please drop me a note to tell me what you think of my page, or sign my guestbook.

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All Midi Music And History/Biographies Can Be Found Under The Appropriate Composer.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Johann Sebastian Bach

Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Johann Strauss

Antonio Vivaldi


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