I think the best way to meet the composers is through the available recordings of their operas. They will eventually include:

Giuseppe Apolloni (which consists primarily of a review of the opera by Ann Feeney), Daniel Francois Auber, Vincenzo Bellini (this is a link to the home site of Hagy Averbuch), Carlo Coccia, Gaetano Donizetti, Umberto Giordano, Antonio Carlos Gomes (this is a link to the page of Nicolas Gounin and Cyrene Paparotti located on the Opera Glass), Jacques Fromenthal Halévy, Filippo Marchetti, Pietro Mascagni, Saverio Mercadante, Giacomo Meyerbeer, José Angel Montero, Melesio Morales, Giovanni Pacini,, Giuseppe Persiani (which consists entirely of an essay on the composer and the opera by Giorgio Migliavacca), Errico Petrella (this is a link to the Petrella page by Sebastian Werr), Amilcare Ponchielli, Federico and Luigi Ricci, Gioacchino Rossini , Gaspare Spontini, Nicola Vaccai, Giuseppe Verdi, Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, and Ivan Zajc.

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