First, some relatively new singers who may not yet be as widely known as they deserve to be, but for all of whom I can predict brilliant futures: Marcelo Alvarez, Rumen Doykov, Keith Ikaia-Purdy, and especially Dario Volonte.

Now,some of my long time favorite tenors, some of whom you can already meet in Tenorland, the creation of Michael Cochran, which has long been one of the finest and most popular of all operatic websites.

Chris Merritt (this is a link to a biography in tenorland),

A Chris Merritt Discography

A Discussion of what makes Chris Merritt so Great

A Bruce Ford Discography

You might also want to visit the unofficial web site of Jose Carreras

Another link to Tenorland is: Joseph Schmidt

Neil Shicoff

There will also be many more which are listed on another wonderful site: Historic Tenors, which are indicated by an asterisk in the links below.

These various links will eventually include, among others, Giuseppe Anselmi*, Fernand Ansseau, Giuseppe Borgatti*,Dino Borgioli*, Karl Burrian, Jose Carreras, Antonio Cortis*, Mario Del Monaco*,, Bernardo De Muro*, Leon Escalais, Isidoro Fagoaga*, Mario Gilion, Herman Jadlowker, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi*, Hipolito Lazaro*, Josť Luccioni*, Stuart Neill, Jose Palet*, Antonio Paoli, John O'Sullivan*, Nino Piccaluga*,Helge Roswaenge, Emanuel Salazar*, Augusto Scampini, Leo Slezak, Francesco Tamagno*, Georges Thill (repertory)*(biography), Cesar Vezzani, and Francisco Vignas* you will be able to meet in due course, perhaps in tenorland, perhaps on the home pages of friends, or perhaps here.

Finally, there also will be some nineteenth century tenors who did not record. These will eventually include Gilbert Louis Duprez*, Gaetano Fraschini*, Julian Gayarre*, Mario*, Angelo Masini*,Andrea Nozzari, Giovanni Battista Rubini* , Roberto Stagno*, and Enrico Tamberlick*

* Please note that the links designated by an asterisk (*) are to the web site of my good friend Francois Nouvion.

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