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August, 2003
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Hi I'm Steve.

This page is mostly about Choral singing from the bottom, and our love of classical choral music. There are also music samples from our choir's first two albums, and the beginnings of a section containing practical tips for the amateur choral singer. Please spend a few minutes looking around, then sign the guest book - I like to know who's been by to see me.
Our director hard at work.

We sing in a very good amateur choir, The Seattle Choral Company....dedicated to bringing forth and sharing the magnificence of the human voice to nurture and inspire the human spirit through music.

All performers, if at all honest, will tell you they do what they do because they love performing. Whether you are an actor, a singer, a dancer, or an instrumentalist, that joy of performing is the common thread which makes us into a strong community. It's what allows people of diverse backgrounds to join together with a unified purpose - that of creating something we hope will bring as much enjoyment to our audience as it does to us.

It is true that an audience which appreciates our efforts can enhance our own enjoyment of the performance. In fact, without that audience, we would soon stop doing what we do, and each of us would die just a little.

As a bass in the choir, I help provide a solid foundation for the upper voices, particularly when we sing a capella, as we do on our two albums - both can be checked out at our choir's web site - and I know I am a necessary part of a creative community.

We are, as I mentioned, amateurs. This takes nothing from the satisfaction of creating something of beauty. If anything it makes the experience all that much more treasured, for amateur in its purest form means one who does it for the love of doing it.

I have posted some pages full of information which I hope will be of use to the amateur singer. They begin with the basics of good singing technique, which I hope will extend the life of the singer's voice, and help prevent damage to the vocal chords. I will update and expand this section as time allows and based on the feedback I get back from you.

I have some samples from our choir's two albums in Real AudioŽ format. Go Listen!!

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