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his home page contains information about classical music. It collects biography of famous composers, music for download, my opinion of new release records (available soon), midi, etc. Any comments are welcome, just sign the guestbook below. Thanks.

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What is classical music? 
Classical music simply refers to music from 1650 to 1900 and today's 'serious' music, such as 'The Phanthom of the Opera' and the film music in 'Three Colours: Blue'. Music before 1650 are not considered as classical music, most people call them 'early music'. Actually, I think the word 'classical' is not suitable because it makes people think that classical music is old and boring. Truly, 'classical music' refers to music in the classical era (1750 to 1820), that is the era that Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven were born.

Is it a loss that I do not listen to it? 
It is a great loss if you do not listen to classical music because classical music composers use a lot of time to write a piece of music, they use their full attention to their music. Thus, classical music can show the emotions of human, it's brilliant and have much more in-depth meaning than other kinds of music. Till now, if you are interested, please click the links below to a deeper knowledge of classical music or listen to some music in .mid format.


J.S. Bach - The Father of Music
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