Its gonna make me, make me, make me BLEED...

Smile and whistle A heart for PETA Planeflight is not enough Too late...

We are Numan resistance is... 10g in the plane, thats why I lost something here, but what? Look at that chick in front...

What are you looking at? Nice Sofa,  I thought the Queen was bit older... Next time I am Mel Gibson!
Someones got me handcuffed Why not drink with a friend? Am I trapped in the TV? Hm, what was the next verse?

This was my house, o o o?

Taxi Driver?

My Assassin?

Where's the loo?

Why does my head bleed? Is this the fridge? Batman! Nananananana.  Gemma loves me, not, a bit...
Dont touch! It's my micro..! A secret prayer... My guitar slides Gary Mouse or Mickey Numan
The fish was this large... Jailhouse Wave... KLICK TO ENLARGE Now I'll get my passport

Here is my car...


Found on Nashs Homepage


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