Numan Live in Vienna, 2000

Its gonna make me, make me, make me BLEED...
Hansi Slanec, known as "Hansi, the Austrian", Numan follower since an age of 11, started his fan career in 1978. The site is actually a kind of "thank you" and started in 1998. Its a very personal one.
Please enjoy the things I've collected for this page (especially the Covers!) and
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Replicas - The Covers Archive  now 435 covers in the list !!! And Also 7 Tribute Bands listed!!!  >>> There are still more ahead !!!   Another MAJOR UPDATE TO BE EXPECTED!!!  
Others Doing Numan Stuff some good, some are tryng
I see them glancing...  
Some Numan pictures
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Find all the Numan songs from A - Z 
This one needs an Update Only 328 listed!!! No JAGGED, no other songs released in 2003 - 2006!!! *g* like Angels, Pray 4 You, Hybrid, Ancients, Crazier, Blue Sea, an all of JAgged and singles etc etc....
I could wait here for a lifetime  
My Numan concerts
Someones calling me
This is my houseSome of my own collection not yet in the list. Be sure, i have most of recent original releases
Compare my collection to yours. Do you have more?
Down in the park
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Its gonna make me, make me, make me BLEED...
Counter Numanoids came here
And as you may see and hear: BLEED is - still - my favourite song...(The Hybrid Version is super!)
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