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The following pages constitute a personal Web-site that has been built as a memorial for my grandfather and grandmother, Mordechai and Chaya Rogovin of Vishnive* (pronounced "vish-nee-veh").

If you are interested in information about the history of the Jewish community of Vishnive (today a small town in Belarus, formerly Poland) from before the time of the First and the Second World Wars and between them, then you will find much inside. This site includes some old pictures, some links, and some writings. I hope you find it interesting.

All the information presented in this site is from my own point of view, which has been taken mostly from my grandmother's stories; the Memorial Book on the Community of Vishnive, edited by Chaim Avramson (published in Hebrew, 1972); and my visit to Vishnive with my parents in 1996.

Yuval Helberg
Tel Aviv, Israel

*Vishnev, Visnava, Vishneva, Vishniva, Viszniev, Vishnevo, Wisznievo, Wiszniew, Wiszniewo.