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grandparents in Israel

This site is a personal memorial to my grandparents, Mordechai Rogovin (1910 - 1982) and Chaya (Elishkevitch) Rogovin (1912 - 2000) of Vishnive.

And for their families:

Elishkevitch (Eliaskovich) family: Avram and Sara-Dvora, and their children: Yakov-Hirsh (and his family), Leibel, Rahel-Leha (and her family), Rivka and Gitke (and her husband). (Avram died from the disease typhoid during WW I; all other member of the family were murdered in WW II).

Rogovin family: Yitzhak and Rachelle, and their children: Shlomo (and his family), Leha, Hirshe, and Isaac. (Murdered in WW II).

And for those that came as pioneers to live in Israel:

Rogovin family: Gershon arrived in Israel in 1925; my grandfather Mordechai, who participated in the "Maccabiah 5" (a Jewish sport competition) in 1932; Rivka (Beckman), who came in 1935. And my grandfather's cousin, Hayim Girzon, in 1936.

Elishkevitch: my grandmother Chaya, who came as a student on Meshach Hapoalot in 1938, and two of her cousins: Rafael Elishkevitch in 1935, and Shlomo Elishkevitch (who was a partisan and came to Israel after the War).

The pioneers lived and built their families in Israel.

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