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This page is devoted to my collection of old amateur radio callbooks and license manuals. The links to the left include a complete listing of my collection.

Please contact me if you would like help:

researching the former holder of a callsign,

locating the callsign of a friend or relative, or

documenting the callsign and/or license status of someone in the past.

If you have or know of any callbooks that I could purchase to add to this collection, please contact me at the email address linked at the left of this page. And please visit my
Callbooks Wanted page to see my prioritized list.

Check out my
For Sale page, too!

Bob W8JYZ has a great collection of old QSL cards on his
web site with neatly-arranged lists of callsigns. Check it out--maybe you'll find one of yours, or one sent by a previous holder of your callsign. Please contact him if you'd like a copy of one of these cards.

FLASH -- I've just added a
page that lists license statistics as published in the old callbooks. This info pre-dates the data Joe Speroni (AH0A) publishes, going back to 1960.
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