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Paint Shop Pro Gradients
Some Natural Gradients for C-r-e-a-t-i-n-g,
{check the Ideas about natural gradients"Consider this first" document}.

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Kaleidoscope and Tree Branches PageTree Branches get Kaleidoscope Treatment

Seagulls PagesSea Gulls --Some Characters!

Big Waves at Shore Acres Park --AMSome "Big" Waves -1

Big Waves at Shore Acres Park --PMSome "Big" Waves -2

Shutterfly has Collection Albums, were visitors can leave comments.
Feel free to add your comments. The easy way to see the images of Shore Acres State Park, with it's big waves and amazing lava flows is to click on "Slideshow".
The pass-code for logging in is Serendipity7 (case sensitive).

Shore Acres State Park Collection Albums Two Shore Acres Flip Albums

Pampas Grass, Holly, and some Fall Color (below).

Fall Colors Thumbnails Page Fall Colors

Holly Pictures Thumbnails Page Holly Pictures

Pampas Grass Thumbnails Page Pampas Grasses

Making the acquaintance of Alchemy and M-State Materials:
My new acquaintance with Alchemy and M-States.

Recipes -- very good!.Recipes -- Very Good Ones! :-)

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Blue Kitty and Space Ships PageA Fanciful Space Ship Design

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The ’’Large Page’’ DSL or fast connections to choose Desktop Wallpapers.

Desktop Wallpapers - Dial-up Page connnects to the same full size choice pages. Is half the size of the DSL page.

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