In 2007 I discovered O.R.M.E.s, M-State Elements, WPG, MFKTZ, What is it?, Shem or Highward Fire Stone, ORMUS and ORMES.

Orbitally Rearranged Molecular Elements, Monatomic Elements, White Powdered Gold, the Ancient Egyptian spelling without vowels, what M-States were called by the general population of Ancient Egypt -- which is very apt!, a descriptor found in hieroglyphs -- also very apt!, and two common names in use on the web today.

Reserved in Ancient Egypt for the Royal House, and most especially for the Pharaoh. It was the substance used to prepare the Pharaoh to meet the gods. In a 33 step procedure, he was physically and mentally conditioned to meet the Higher Powers.

Some who have taken O.R.M.E.s experience spiritual events, like telepathy and other paranormal phenomena. Even my limited exposure seemed to have worked specifically within my mind at first.

"Tons" of WPG were discovered at one temple, it also went with the Hebrews in the Ark when they left, and was called manna.

It has been conjectured that it was used in building the pyramids, but this is not a fully fleshed out theory at this time.

There are many reports of healing and assistance with health related problems on the web. It is not to be toyed with, it is in some instances quite strong, and you may find yourself moving through unknown mental spaces if you decide on a strong preparation. On the more reassuring side, most substances do not achieve the energy or potency level which has been obtained in laboratories.

I found that it seemed to move through my mind, and go toward the center of my being, and later I experienced a great improvement of my migraine issues, and my overall outlook and general aches and hindrances (bones and joints).

My cats have taken it, and even request it if I am taking it without them. In our house it has the feline stamp of approval.
[I am quite careful not to give too much.]

This is a page linking to the other pages I have done on my experiences with O.R.M.E.s to date --which is not a lot, but which has been significant for me.

I am working migraine issues, and also trying to do that "mid-life" refit, which we find we need at some point (unless we are athletes, or very energetic folks).

How I came to learn about Alchemy, O.R.M.E.s, M-states, White Powdered Gold, Mfktz, and other denizens of the new era.
(But known to the Ancients -- "oh so long ago"!)

Believe it or not, it was a typo put into the search engine, which led me to my first encounter with the new chemistry/physics of particles "which we have had some difficulty" identifying!

As we embark on a whole new era of knowledge and technical applications for this heretofore unknown parameter of the natural world, we have found that it works well with living cells, and has healing options for the body and DNA as well.

It's history is Ancient, going back to at least Egypt, and perhaps back to the days of Edgar Casey's "Atlantis" with it's Firestone, and the mentioning of healing by energy and by crystals. Both of these types of healing (as well as other types) are finding use today, in different areas of the world.

You will find below:

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Books I have found helpful, informative, and positively awesome!

To quote a friend:
"We live in fine times."

"and immanently interesting (times)!" --Sally

Start Page (Home) for Observations of O.R.M.E.s as a "life change facilitator

Subjective Observations on O.R.M.E.s and life enhancement

Subjective Observations ... Page 2

Regimen and Numbers (Stats) for the endeavor

My new acquaintance with Alchemy and M-States.

Migraine Page -- using O.R.M.E.s to address migraine issues

Using M-3 from Atlantis Alchemy

Trying out AU*some Water ... progress

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