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Stage Combat Books and Videos

Many folks have asked me "Zorikh, are there any good books or videos about stage combat?" Well, I have searched, listened to experts, and asked around myself. Here is a list of what I came up with. By clicking on the book titles are covers, you can go directly to and buy the books yourself.

Note that these books and videos are about stage combat ONLY. I also have a list of books about historical swordfighting and combat. Many people find that knowing about historical combat styles helps them choreograph and direct stage fights. This is a non-judgemental list. If you join the Yahoo Groups listed at the bottom of this page, the folks there may be able to give you critiques of the books.

Thanks to John Lennox, Ann C. Harlin, Kyna Hammill, and others for having posted many of the books on this list in various Yahoo groups about stage combat.


This list is alphabetical by author
Social Significance of the Duel in Seventeenth Century French Drama- Norman A. Bennetton (1931)
Sword Play for Actors- Fred Gilbert Blakeslee (1905) Duelling Scenes and Terms in Shakespeare’s Plays- Horace Craig (1940) More Champagne, Darling- Patrick Crean
L’ Escrime au Théâtre: Rapière et Dague- George Dubois (1910) Sword Fighting: A Manual for Actors & Directors- Keith Ducklin & John Waller (2001)
Brawl Ridiculous: Swordfighting in Shakespeare’s Plays- Charles Edelman (1992)
Gewalt im Spiel- Helma Fehrman and Ingrid Roth (1988)
Actors On Guard- Dale Anthony Girard (1997)
The Fight Arrangers Companion: A Detailed Lexicon of Terms, Historical and Modern, Used in the Art of Staged Conflict- Dale Anthony Girard (1995)
Stage Fights: A Simple Handbook of Techniques- Gilbert Gordon (1973)
They Fight: Classical to Contemporary Stage Fight Scenes- Kyna Hamill (2003)
Writers to Fighters: Moving Stage Combat From Text to Production- Nathaniel Hedrick (2003) A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of Stage Combat Resource Materials- Michael Wayne Hill (1995) Fight Direction for Stage and Screen- William Hobbs (1980)
Stage Combat: The Action to the Word- William Hobbs (1980)
Techniques of the Stage Fight- William Hobbs (1967) Enter the Whole Army by Walter C. Hodges (1999)
Swordplay for the New Renaissance- Arthur Louis Joquel, II (1965) Theatre Spiel: Fechten in der Darstellenden Kunst- Walter Kamm (1994) Stage Violence: Techniques of Offense, Defense and Safety- Samuel Katz (1976) Principles of Stage Combat Handbook- Claude Kezer (1995)
Bühnenfechtkunst Lehrbuch- I.E. Koch (1954) BLOOD AND BEAUTY by Terry Kroenung
Swashbuckling: A Step-By-Step Guide to the Art of Stage Combat and Theatrical Swordplay - Richard Lane (1999)
Le Théâtre Héroïque- Gabriel Letainturier-Fradin (1903?) Manhood and the Duel: Masculinity in Early Modern Drama and Culture- Jennifer Low (2003)
Stage Swordplay, or “So You Want to be Errol Flynn?”: A Manual of Dramatic Combat for Actors- Henry Marshall (1977) Combat Mime: A Non-Violent Approach to Stage Violence- J. D. Martinez (1982)
The Swords of Shakespeare: An Illustrated Guide to Stage Combat Choreography in the Plays of Shakespeare - J.D. Martinez (1996)
Swordplay and the Elizabethan and Jacobean Stage- Robert Morseberger (1974)
Sword and Masque- Julius Palffy-Alpar (1967)
Swordsmen of the Screen: From Douglas Fairbanks to Michael York- Jeffery Richards (1977)
Techniques and Training for Staged Fighting- James Strider (1995)
Methods and Practice of Elizabethan Swordplay- Turner & Soper (1990)
Fight Directing for the Theatre- J. Allen Suddeth (1996)
Weapons in the Theatre- Arthur Wise (1968)
Acted Aggression- Dr. Kara Wooten (2003)


Listed alphabetically by title
Combat for the Stage


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