The History of Captain Marvel

Outline of the History of Captain Marvel (all of them)

by Zorikh Lequidre


  • H. New Marvel Captain

  • I.DC re-interprets CM

  • J. Jerry Ordway revitalizes CM for DC

  • K. Amalgam CM

  • K. Marvel’s newest CM

  • L. Characters satirizing, based on, similar to, and inspired by CM

  • M. Latest happenings for CM

  • N. Bibliography and web resources

    Chapter 1: The Captain and the Major
    Chapter 2: The Big Blue Guy
    Chapter 3: The Big Red Guy
    Chapter 4: Early Captain Marvel
    Chapter 5: Powers and Personality
    Chapter 6: Going Hollywood
    Chapter 7: Friends and foes: The Lietenant Marvels
    Chapter 8: Friends and Foes: Captain Marvel Junior
    Chapter 9: Friends and Foes: Mary Marvel
    Chapter 10: Friends and Foes: Other Friends
    Chapter 11: Friends and Foes: Dr. Sivana
    Chapter 12: Mr Mind
    Chapter 13: Friends and Foes: Other Foes
    Chapter 14: Enter the Binder
    Chapter 15: Superman V. Captan Marvel
    Chapter 16
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