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The Step-by-Step Process of Creating a Comic Part 4 of a tutorial on creating comics by Zorikh Lequidre

The Process of Creating a Comic, Step by Step

By Zorikh Lequidre

Coming soon!

Please continue...nothing to see here yet...we are not ninjas, we are a hedge...

Pg.1: Definition and History of Comics
Pg.2: Comics Today
Pg.3: Terms of the Trade
Writing: Story and Plot
Writing: Script
Sample Script
Penciling: Tools: Short Answers
Penciling: Tools: Furniture and Paper
Penciling: Tools: Pencils and Erasers
Penciling: Tools: Straightedges and More
Penciling: Creating Characters
Penciling: Character Sheets
Penciling: Costumes
Penciling: Locations
Penciling: Props and Vehicles
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