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Creating Comics Tutorial - Tools, the short answers Tutorial

Tools and Equipment – The Short Answers

By Zorikh Lequidre

There are some folks who like to know everything about anything they could use as a tool for their art. Others just want a quick answer. For the latter, here you are:

1. Writers
A computer with Microsoft Word or its Mac equivalent and a color inkjet or laser printer

2. Pencilers
Bristol board, smooth finish, 100 lb. A 0.5mm mechanical pencil with 2H lead.

3. Inkers
A #3 round sable brush and a Hunt 102 pen nib; Black India ink; white tempera paint.

4. Colorists
P.H. Martin's Watercolor Transparent Dyes or Adobe Photoshop.

5. Letterers
Speedball B-5 and Hunt 107 crow quill pen nibs

For more detailed answers on the different tools that can be used for each job, check the individual tutorials.

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Suggested Reading:

  • Cerebus Guide to Self Publishing, Dave Sim; Format: Paperback, 96pp.; ISSN 0712-7774; Publisher: Dave Sim.; Pub Date: 1997
  • How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way cover

    Stan Lee, John Buscema (Illustrator); Format: Hardcover, ISBN 0-671-22548-0; Paperback, ISBN 0-671-53077-1; 160 pp; Publisher: Simon & Shuster, Inc., Pub. Date: 1978

  • How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips for Newspapers and Comic Books , Alan McKenzie; Format: Hardcover, 144pp.; ISBN 0-89134-214-1; Publisher: North Light Books, F & W Publications, Inc., Pub. Date: 1987

  • The Official Marvel Comics Try-Out Book, Jim Shooter; Format: Paperback, 32 pp.: ISBN 0-939766-76-0; Publisher: Marvel Comics Group; Pub. Date: 1983

  • The New Official Marvel Try-Out Book cover Fabian Nicieza, John “Lewie” Lewandowski; Format: Paperback, 32 pp.: ISBN 0-7851-0274-4; Publisher: Marvel Comics; Pub. Date: 1996

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