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Rep. George H. Bunker, Jr. (D-Kossuth Township)
Rep. Edward R. Dugay (D-Cherryfield)
Rep. Albion D. Goodwin (D-Pembroke)
Rep. Edward Pellon (D-Machias)
Rep. Anne C. Perry (D-Calais)
Sen. Kevin L. Shorey (R-Washington)

Maine House of
  Maine Senate


Washington County Chapter of
esidents Attacking Drugs

Our Origin & Makeup

WCCRAD is the 1st chapter of the RAD organization from Westminster, Maryland that was founded in January 1998. We are a nonprofit; grassroots organization that is made up of volunteers devoted to public awareness and the prevention of illegal drug use.

Illegal drug use in Washington County has escalated over the past few years and our county is feeling the effects of it. Used syringes have been found lying by our roadsides and in areas where our youth have activities. Children are being removed from their homes because their parents have drug addictions and are unable to care properly for them. Addicts are breaking into homes and businesses, and stealing medications, money or personal property to support their habit.

Our Vision:

A community working together to save lives.

Our Mission:

Engage all sectors of the community in prevention, education and intervention concerning drug abuse.

Our Goals:

  1. We will educate, support and provide children, parents and citizens on the dangers of drug abuse and its effects on them and their community.

  2. We will work with National, State and local agencies, organizations and businesses to garner support in the areas of drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

  3. We will work extensively within our own community through speaking engagements, workshops, mentoring, media events and any other possible avenues to gain support for and to provide increased awareness and training.

  4. We will guide those seeking help with issues of drug abuse, by directing them to programs equipped to support and provide them with the tools they will need for success.

  5. We will work toward providing a safe and healthy environment in our community.

WCCRAD extends an invitation to all interested citizens to join us. Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tues. of the month from 7:00PM to 8:00PM. We are located at the Homestead Building across from True Value Hardware in Machias. Childcare service is provided there for citizens who would like to attend that have young children.

WCCRAD has been working on ideas to get our community working together. Please offer WCCRAD and the community your support. Your voice and help count.

WCCRAD accepts donations
If you would like to assist us in our efforts to increase public awareness and the prevention of drug abuse please make checks payable to:

P.O.Box 710
Machais, ME 04654

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