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Mathematics and then Some...
NonPHD Amateur Mathematics
Nondoctorate Noncomplexity
Conceptual Conjectural
General Theorical Mathematics

There is
No Black Hole
No Black Hole
I Know...

The Physics PHDs Intend To
Build A Black Hole
On This Planet
During 2007 At CERN
In Switzerland.
With Any Bit Of Luck
The Physics PHDs
Could, Would, and Will
Make A Black Hole Happen
On This Planet...

The Black Hole Papers

The things I do,
To do,
The things I do.

William Charles Simpson
Dec 12, '05

The things I go thru,
To go thru,
The things I go thru.

William Charles Simpson
Dec 12, '05

Every theory is wrong,
Until proven right.

William Charles Simpson
Thu, Sep 9, '99

Anything other than
What I really want,
Anything other than
What I really want.

William Charles Simpson
Wed, Jan 1, '03

...And now the News...

Things To Come...

For My Friends In

The Forecast Sciences
The Forecast and Time Theories
Forecast Lag Measurements

Transpersonal Psychology
Other Mathematics

For My Friends In
Game Theory
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