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Welcome to the Weakest Link!
Welcome to the unofficial website of The Philippine Version of "Weakest Link." The game show that bites back to the contestants with an intimidating host to boot. Learn the game and how is it a big hit here in the Philippines. And they say there's nothing good on TV nowadays.

Weakest Link is shown at Viva TV/IBC every Wednesdays at 9:30 pm. They are currently showing reruns of past episodes featuring Edu Manzano.

"Is That All? I Don't Think So..."
Get to experience Anne's sheer un-hospitable manners in the game. Hear out insults and other human inducing words from the Queen Of Mean herself. Hear it for yourself.

"Survival of the fittest"
Things you should do and do not do in Weakest Link. You might win the hearts and asses of hundreds of TV viewers. Just follow them if you can.

"I WAS The Weakest Link"
What Was Learned During An Audition For The Most Annoying Game Show on TV. All twenty of them to be exact.

"You ignoramus!"
Contrary to popular belief. Weakest Link is not from the US as other Pinoys would think.
Check out the real lowdown of Weakest Link in the UK. Read and be enlightened.


"King Of Sting"
He's bad and he's going to bring the whole psychological warfare onto another level. 

"Queen Of Mean"

Get to know the Mother of all insults, and more. Black is such a fashion statement.

"Everyone's saying it"
Weakest Link has spawned international versions. All with that ruthlessness and hostility included.

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