Aubert, Hebert, Hubert
Anne Fauconnier
Anne Fauconnier was born about 1622 in St. Jacques, Mont Aux Malade Les Roue, France.  She married  Francois Aubert there on October 5, 1644.  They would have one child Nicolas born in 1647, before joining the colony at Quebec.

There has been a lot of confusion over the names Aubert and Hebert.  Since
Louis Hebert's only son left no male heirs, the name from him ended there.   However, Francois Aubert has also been seen as Francois Hebert, Comte De Roussy, and his children alternate between Aubert and Hebert; so I suspect the names are basically the same.

The Aubert name itself does have a long history in New France, beginning with Thomas Aubert; a slave trader; who sailed up the St. Lawrence River in 1508; decades before Cartier.  He would have been the first to discover Quebec, except that the Natives had already discovered it thousands of years before either man.  The Chronicon of Eusebius, published in Paris in 1512, states that in 1509; Thomas Aubert of Rouen brought seven Indian slaves to Normandy. 

In 1619, when Henri De Montmorency sponsored 80 colonists to Kebec, the list included Felix and Claude Aubert, as well as Louis-Francois Hebert (not to be confused with Louis-Ganton Hebert; who was already there).  There was also a Pierre Aubert belonging to the Company of 100 Associates; so any of these may have been a relative of Anne's husband. 

Anne Fauconnier died on November 30, 1676 and Francois on February 1, 1688.
The Next Generation
Nicolas Hebert Aubert - Was born on January 7, 1647 in France and died on May 14, 1657 in Quebec.

Guillaume Hebert Aubert - Was born on February 4, 1655 in Quebec and died on October 16, 1714 at Hotel Dieu.  He married Marie-Anne Roussin and the couple had eleven children.

Marie-Jeanne Hebert Aubert - Was born in 1657 and died unknown.  She married Francois Labadie and the couple had four children.

Rene-Marie Hebert Aubert - Was born in 1658 and died on December 28, 1729.

Louis Hebert Aubert - Was born in 1659 and died unknown.

Jacques Hebert Aubert
- Was born on June 3, 1664 and died unknown.
Marguerite Aubert
Marguerite Aubert was born about 1619 at St. Jacques, Mont Aux Malade Les Roue, France; probably the sister of Francois.  She arrived in the colony as a Filles A Marier and married Michel Fillion on September 26, 1661 at Quebec.  She died in 1667 at Batiscan before having any children.  Michel died June 7, 1689.
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