A Marriageable Young Girl
Jeanne Cerisier
Jeanne-Genevieve Cerisier was born about 1641 in Amboise, Tours, Touraine, Indre-et-Loire, France;   the daughter of Jacques Cerisier and Marie Lalande.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony on June 24, 1663, to serve as a domestic to Louis Rouer de Villerayas, the Secretary of Governor Lauzon. 

There is a bit of confusion over her founding mother status, since she appears as both a
Filles A Marier, and Filles Du Roi, though in fact she was an Indentured Servant.  

However, she was definitely a founding mother, marrying Francois Duclos on November 26, 1665 at Cap-De-Madeleine, with whom she had eight children.  Francois was born on March 12, 1627 at Manerbe, Blangy, Lisieux, Normandy, France; the son of Charles Duclos and Madeleine Bouffard.

Jeanne-Genevieve died on September 17, 1709 in Batiscan and her husband followed on December 04, 1711.
The Next Generation
Nicolas Cerisier Duclos - Was born about 1666 in Batiscan and died on November 21, 1737 at St Anne de la Perade.  He became a Clerk, Judge and Notary, and married Madeleine Lafond; daughter of Pierre Lafond and Marie-Madeleine Rivard; with whom he had a daughter Charlotte.

Marie-Anne Cerisier Duclos - Was born about 1668 in Batiscan and died on January 31, 1709 at Port Neuf.  She married Francois Gignac and the couple had eleven children: Jacques, Jean-Francois, Jean-Baptiste, Pierre, Louis, Marie-Francoise, Marie-Angelique, Marguerite-Louise, Francois, Marie-Josephe and Marie-Francoise. 

Genevieve Cerisier Duclos - Was born about 1670 in Batiscan and died on July 05, 1740 at Ste. Anne de la Perade.  She married Pierre Perrault and the couple had twelve children: Marie-Anne, Louis, Genevieve, Elisabeth, Pierre-Francois, Adrien, Francois, Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Marguerite, Marie-Josephe, Marie-Angelique and Marie-Francoise.

Marie-Louise Cerisier Duclos - Was born about 1673 and died on October 31, 1733 in Batiscan.  She married Gabriel Lefebvre from St. Laurent, Paris, Ile De France, France; and the couple had eight children: Madeleine, Catherine, Antione, Joseph, Jacques-Francois, Louis-Alexis, Jean-Baptiste and Julien.

Francois Cerisier Duclos - Was born about 1674 and died on August 25, 1747 in Batiscan.  He married Marie-Charlotte Duteau; daughter of Charles Duteau and Marie-Jeanne Rivard and the couple had a daughter Marie-Charlotte.

Marie-Madeleine Cerisier Duclos - Was born about 1676 and died on August 18, 1747 in Batiscan.  She married Merchant Julien Trottier and the couple had a son Julien.

Marguerite Cerisier Duclos - Was born on October 10, 1679 in Batiscan and died unknown in Sorel.  She married Jacques Duteau, brother of Francois' wife Catherine; and the couple had nine children: Catherine, Marie-Josephe, Joseph, Marie-Jeanne, Pierre, Alexis, Marie-Marguerite, Marie-Madeleine and Marie-Genevieve.

Charles Pavie Duclos
- Was born on May 09, 1682 and died on January 30, 1703 in Batiscan.
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