An Early Trois-Rivieres Settler
Marie-Marguerite Marguerie
Marie-Marguerite Marguerie was born on September 12, 1620 in Le Havre, Rouen, Normandy, France; the daughter of Francois Marguerie and Marthe Romain.  Her father was an early pioneer of Trois-Rivieres, where Marguerite married Jacques Hertel on August 23, 1641.  Jacques was also born in La Havre, Rouen about 1620; the son of Nicolas Hertel and Nicole Mariot.  Marguerite would have three children with him before his death on August 10, 1651.

The following year she would marry Quentin Morel and give birth to four more children.  Quentin died on May 09, 1686 and Marguerite on November 26, 1700.
Her Hertel Family
Francois Hertel - Was born on July 03, 1642 at Trois-Rivieres and died on May 29, 1722 at Boucherville.  He married Marguerite-Josephe Thavenet and the couple had thirteen children.

Marie-Madeleine Hertel - Was born on September 02, 1645 at Trois-Rivieres and died on November 25, 1680 at Batiscan.  She married Louis-Etienne Pinard with whom she had a daughter.

Marguerite Hertel
- Was born on August 26, 1649 at Trois-Rivieres and died on December 25, 1711 at Nicolet.  She married Jean Crevier with whom she had a son.
Her Morel Family
Marie-Jeanne Morel - Was born in 1653 at Trois-Rivieres and died as an infant.

Marie-Therese Morel - Was born on October 31, 1655 and died on April 08, 1734 at Trois-Rivieres.  She married Etienne Veron.

Gertrude Morel
- Was born on March 22, 1658 and died unknown.  She married Jacques Bergeron and had a son.

Marie-Marthe Morel
- Was born on January 01, 1661 and died unknown.  She married Antoine Dubois and the couple had four children.
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