Spiritual Animals

Sensitive and intelligent people realized a long time ago that other creatures are not only material.Several stories have been published about the intelligence or the spiritual capabilities of pets.

I can mention two further cases.The first one shows the fact that the love that unites a dog and a human being can produce telepathy in the tragical moment of the death of one of them.When my loved little dog, Todor, died at the age of 12, I was very far from him, in another country, on holiday.When I had started my holidays in Spain he seemed to be perfectly well. We knew that he was not young, but he seemed to be quite a healthy small chap. So he stayed in my parents' home, in Hungary, and I went to spend two weeks in Spain. This was the time when I met the Spanish man who later became my husband, so these could have been very happy holidays. There was no physical explanation of the terrible mood I found myself in one morning. I was restless, I was nervous, I had the feeling that something horrible had happened at home. I tried to phone, but my parents did not answer. I called a friend. 

The friend said that there had not been any problem in our home the evening before. According to her there was no reason to worry. But I kept on worrying and being sad without any palpable reason. Later I learned that my little dog got suddenly very ill exactly the same hour when my restlessness started. My parents were not at home when I called because they were taking him to the vet. The vet tried to operate him, but his kidneys were in such a horrible state that he died on the operating table. The poor darling's last thoughts flew towards me and at the other edge of the mysterious line I caught them. Telepathy.

The other case shows how intelligent a cat can be. My cat Desiderio -you believe it or not- could count! At least until 3. All right, you could say that there are greater mathemathicians, but I think he was a great scholar too. And I am not kidding. The fact that without having been taught he discovered the world of numbers, at least some of its basic elements by himself - that was an admirable achievement. Let pompous humans think that I am making this up when I say this. But I had several witnesses who saw Desiderio many times counting the pieces of meat in front of him. With his nose:1-2...if there was not a third piece he did not start eating. He looked up inquiringly. 

If I said: come on, Desiderio, why don't you start eating, he showed me with his nose again:1...2...what? When I put down the third piece he counted again:1-2-3...and he started eating.

Cats are intelligent mammals.Why could not some of them have the germs of the skill of counting?

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