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Yma - web related questions, suggestions, etc.
Jenn - everything else! Area Reps and various other questions that Yma can't handle ^_~!


Welcome to the official website for Wings Day or, 'Wear' are Your Wings?!

"To have fun and spread glamour, also to increase awareness that magick and kin exist."

That is what we're mainly about. We want to open peoples eyes to the magic and possibilities of the faery kind. To Brighten someone's day with a bit of glamour. Want to join us? Follow the links to the side to explore what we're all about!!
Come join our community on Livejournal! Make suggestions, tell us your stories, act like a loon! GlitterBombers is the place to be on Livejournal if you love faeries and want to make May 15th a great day for all to notice!

!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!! If you put yourself on our guestmap, please put yourself back on. It's a Beta and it sometimes crashes. We think this is a neater idea than an ordinary guestbook, so please leave your mark or put it back on! Sorry for the inconvenience.

"Wings are like shoes, everyone should have at least three pair; dress, work and casual." - Jenn

Updates 2003:
April 30th - Added new links! Welcome, everyone. :) Changed a few things around and both of us have wondered why the new maps have gone hay-wire. We'll put those up as soon as we figure out what's wrong with them! April 22nd - I've actually updated a lot since March 21st. I just keep forgetting to put it here so people know we're active. >< LoL! ah welll...
March 30th - Added new links! And a tutorial to make wings!!
March 21st - Added t-shirt links and more information about us. :)
March 20th - Made and added new buttons. Added Map. :)
March 17th - Edited a few things. Nothing much.
March 12th - Created Page! w00t!!
This site is under MAJOR Construction!! Please be Patient with us! :)