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For all the people that have received this link after I was kicked off of Chemtrail Central. I am using my old weather page that I created in high school to post my weather forecasts for Baltimore and Washington DC for my new chemtrail website. This website here is only temporary as yahoo has decided to close down geocities during the summer. Our new website in the fall will have a message board attached to it for people to discuss topics regarding chemtrails. If you have a link you'd like to share, send it to the message board on yahoo groups or e-mail it to me at

I will be more than happy to post the link on this webpage. I think we are going to experiment with a couple of different formats for setting up this webpage. I've always wanted to do this since 2004 but have always taken second place to other existing sites. This site is going to be different than other chemtrail websites. We are going to stick to REAL science and Internet Journalism to back up our claims about the weather modification taking place by the US Military and NATO. We aren't going to engage in whether or not chemtrails exist. If your a meteorologist reading this, I have news for you, they exist get over it. Find a calculator do some back of the envelope calculations and watch what happens with the weather models based on the locations sprayed. It all fits and if you have a BS, MS or even a PhD and are still in denial, then there's no hope for you. There are over 300 discussions spanning 7 years by me proving this weather modification exists.

Last Updated: May 29,2009 @ 11pm

Tonight's discussion I want to get a little more on the meteorological history side versus talking about chemtrails. One thing about the weather is, weather patterns often rhyme, but they don't repeat. What we are going to see over the next 7 to 10 days is exactly that a rhyme but can you guess from which year?

I've been watching how the USAF has pushed the ENSO to it's limit on the warm side. Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies have increased rather dramatically since March. My addage was so long as the USAF allows the east coast storms to happen, the cold phase of the ENSO can be negated. They went against this logic for the past 6 years. I expect a cool pattern to set up across the Central and Eastern US and we will also see a push back towards a very weak El Nino from a weak one now. If you want to put it in terms of numbers. +1.2 is where we are now... we should see it retrograde to about a +0.3 or so.

But the trivia question for the night, can you guess what year we are going to be rhyming with over the next 7 to 10 days?
A) 1995
B) 1998
C) 2001
D) 2006

If you guessed B 1998 you are correct. Let's look at the current weather model projections and then compare them to 1998.

Here's the current one

Past archives from June 3,1998. Take a look at the map on the bottom center. It is the 850mb temperature map.

Last Updated:May 15,2009 @ 9:15pm

We're back again! I've been exhausted the past couple of days from work and getting things ready for my new home. I wish someone in the universe would have warned me about the paperwork involved with buying a new piece of living space.

Tonight we are going to examine the true definition of clockwise spray and see it in action. It becomes extremely obivious to the novice of viewers how this spray that the air force uses works. All you need is a clock and an understanding of arrows.

Let's break down vectors rather simply. If we have a south wind over a region we will see a vector with an arrow pointing northward in the direction that the wind is heading. If we have a west wind we will see the arrow pointing eastward in the direction of the wind. Now if we were to turn the winds clockwise in either case, we would see a projected south wind with an arrow pointing north, turn more clockwise and point more to the northeast, showing a southwesterly wind. And in the latter case we would see the West Wind turn more to the Northwest and point southeasterly.

Today the USAF sprayed heavily off the North Carolina and South Carolina Coast. The reflected temperatures in the IR show a height for the chemtrails around 400mb. As the particles fall to the surface they heat up the atmosphere at the level they are present. Thus a fall of about 2,000 feet over a 3 or 4 hour period is probably likely.

The atmosphere aloft has light winds as it is under high pressure. Now if the USAF was spraying particles aloft we would see the winds at between 400 and 500mb change direction or about 20,000 feet to 24,000 feet. Here is a map of the projected winds aloft at 500mb, or about 20,000 feet across the United States. Now we are concerned with the winds off the North and South Carolina Coast. Notice that they are projected to be southerly. This was several hours before the spraying began.

Here's the 18hr projection of 500mb heights and winds.
Again pay attention to the direction of the winds off North and South Carolina.

Now let's compare them to after the spraying and 18 hours later. Notice that the winds are more clockwise than before! The southerly winds are southwesterly, the southeasterly winds are southerly and the west winds are more northwesterly! This is the evidence to prove that the USAF uses this type of chemtrail to warm the upper atmosphere to change wind directions and steer the path of storms.!

Last Updated:May 12,2009 @ 7:20pm;

Ok! We're back today! Of course sometimes things don't go our way entirely, but the concepts that I laid down always happen! Atmospheric temperatures actually cooled aloft a little bit around 300mb and the relative humidity inreased. Therefore my hypothesis about the upper layers of the atmosphere generating cirrus cloud cover from the chemtrails that were beneath it to start the day was correct!

Also!!! My theory says that clockwise chemtrails turn the winds aloft clockwise and then speed up the jet stream on the front side of the spraying and slow it down on the back side. This is exactly what happened. Let's take a look at the 18z eta model for upper level winds at 00z last night. 18Z is when the spraying started according to the satellite photos from last night.

Here's the model. Let's pay attention to Nevada, Utah, Southern Wyoming and then South Dakota later in the day.

Here's the projection for 300mb winds(jet stream winds) for 6 hours out yesterday.

Now let's compare that to the actual winds aloft. Notice how the winds across Wyoming, Utah and Nevada have increased in velocity and changed direction!!! They've changed more to the West from the Southwest. That's a move in a clockwise direction! Also notice the great increase velocity across South Dakota almost 15kts. This also tells us that the USAF sprayed energy absorbing particles aloft and our assumption based on the IR about the chemtrails and what type of chemtrails was correct! Let's examine the second part of my theory about the back side of the spraying. It slows down the jet stream winds. Look across Northern CA and the system moving into the Pacific Northwest. It's slowed down the system!!

Now part two of this is what happens as the particles fall to the surface! Let's examine the change in temperatures aloft from projected temperatures at 850mb (5000 feet) downwind of the spraying. Notice we have an increase in temperatures aloft across the Central and Southern Plains. Also pay attention to the intermountain west where the chemtrails trapped the heat in over night, like Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming. Temperatures are warmer than originally forecasted 18 hours earlier!!! And in some cases upto 5C warmer! We've caught the USAF once again! It feels good to be right and know that every other meteorologist is dead wrong... *cracks open a bud light! This one is for you Mr. Chemtrail Guy!!!! Give yourselves a pat on the back and feel great to know you know the truth!!

May 11,8:50pm

My feeling is the same as it was 7 years ago. When detecting what the USAF is doing we can't "force" our way of figuring out scientific facts involving this project. We have to sit in the bushes and wait for them to act before we can say with a certainity that yes, this is what is taking place. There are times where I do jump the gun to save lives and property espically when I see them doing something distructive, for God only knows what purpose.

Tonight I want to expand a little bit on how chemtrails heat the upper atmosphere. Today's discussion takes over the Western US and across Nevada, Northern Utah and Southern Wyoming. Spraying began around 10:30am PDT across that region. As the spraying increased the temperatures of the cloud tops cooled on the satellite photo. That's interesting and could be attrubuted to two reasons. First, the USAF sprayed higher in the atmosphere to hide what is beneath it, which would be the chemtrails at the lower altitudes. Remember an infrared satellite picture is an observation of what is seen at the highest altitudes. Thus if we have a low fog deck at the ground and a layer of cirrocumulus clouds aloft, the fog deck won't show up on the infrared picture. Second, the increase in heat from the chemtrails aloft created rising air motion in the layer above it where RH% as we will see on the Skew T plot were in the 65-75% range. Still not enough for contrails but enough RH with some lift to create cloud cover. Unforunately I have to be at work early tomorrow so I won't be awake for the new SKEW T plots to come in over Salt Lake City. Our mathematical analysis for how much the atmosphere warmed aloft will have to wait for tomorrow night. Here's the Satellite picture from this morning when the spraying started. Notice the color scheme. Where the light cyan's start means the cloud tops are -32C or -25F. Most of the cloud tops are reflecting a temperature of -25C to -32C. According to our Skew T plot over Salt Lake City this would place the cloud heights around 8,000 meters or roughly 26,000 feet.

Later on today...

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