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Paulie and Pearl, the other cockatiels.

Paulie was the first cockatiel we got, we got him in 1996. Then, a year later I got Cookie as my Christmas present. We didn't get Pearl until 2001 when we went to an auction and just had to have her!

I got Echo fall 06, he was an awesome bird and loved to do the wolf whistle:)
Echo died in the fall of 2008. He is greatly missed.

My Quaker

I got Abby December 2006, a few days after Christmas. I went to find a parakeet for my friend and her owner was desperate to get rid of her. Abby is spoiled rotten (although a bit loud at times) and talks a bit. She says, "come in" when you knock on the door, then she will imatate you by banging on her cage bars. She also says, (very innocently) "nothing" when asked what she is doing, and "come back" when you leave the room. Abby has tons of sound effects, she barks, purrs, squeaks (like a guinea pig), kisses, and is very good at singing the "cockatiel song". Latley I've been teaching her tricks, so far she waves and shakes your hand:)

Abby waving

My Aviary

All of the above birds are in this aviary, which can be divided in the middle.
I got the aviary for my Christmas present Christmas 2004. Was I surprised!

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Pigeons and Doves      Chickens      Ducks and Geese      Birds For Sale 

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