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In order to speed up the loading time,
I have divided the Directory into 3 seperate pages.
Page 1 is address' 1000 to 2999.
Page 2 is address' 3000 to 4999.
Page 3 is address' 5000 to 9000.

This page is dedicated to ALL Transgendered People of Geocities
it is kind of a one stop browsing, if you will!
All persons with an interest in Transgederism are welcomed PLEASE
Report any of these LINKS not working to your

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Welcome to the GIRLS of Geocities

These links are in order of their GEOCITIES addresses. This Page Contains Address' 5000 to 9000. If I have overlooked one and you would like to be included, PLEASE send FE-mail to DAPHNE

Name Address Description
Helen Jane 5004 TV/TG
Jessy 5153 Jessy House CD
Savanna 5188 Savanna's HomePage
Sheri 5206 Sheri's TV Home
Aline 5112 Aline & Acute's Homepage
Lisbeth 5217 Maid Lisbeth
Rene 5218 CD
Kim 5231 Kim's Yin Yang HP
Vanda 5232 TG Feb.10,97
Jenny 5236 Transgendered
Vicki Rene 5248 TG
Erica 5284 Erica's World (Daph's Best friend)
Marissa 5340 Marissa's World
Sylvie 5346P Sylvie's Home Page
Jennifer 5346 Jenny's Junction
Jaimee's Happy Place 5349 TG
Janice 5371 TG Feb.10,97
Tiffini 5405 Tiffini's Little Home
Dark Kitty 5434 TV
Kristi Anne 5439 TG
Regina 5477 TG
Sheri 5521 Sheri's TV Home
Kristi 5573 Kristi T's HP
Tatjana 5593 TG Jan.17,97
Brandi 5610 Brandi's Summer Place
Sylvia 5615 Sylvia O Stayformore
Belinda 5631 TG
Lori Larkin 5650 TG Great Site
Beatrice 5656 Beatrice WWW Home
Evlyn 5695 Evlyn's HP
Diana Savage 5701 Transgendered
Amanda 5710 Amanda's CD Paradise
Rachel 5716 TG Feb.20,97
Melody 5727 TG
Jazz & Summer 5869 Jazz & Summer's HP
Susanne 5887 Susanne's Dream Exchange
Ms. Lisa 5913 TG
Caitlin 5978 TG Feb.10,97
Stephanie 6011 TG
Amanda 6111 TG
Lisa 6213 TG Jan.17,97
Sapphire 6461 TG Feb.10,97
Heather 6505 CD From Ottawa Feb.20,97
Christie 6762 Christie's Corner Jan.30,97
Stephanie 6888 Stephanie's Playhouse Feb.11,97
Kerrie 7240 TG Feb.10,97
Shelley 7243 Shelley's Homepage Jan.30,97
Patty 7531 TG Feb.11,97
Jenni 7744 TG Jan.17,97
Yolanda 8660 TG Feb.10,97
Ryoko Mizuno 8972 CD Feb.20,97
Cindy 9127 TG Feb.11,97
Katie 9199 CD Feb.20,97

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