This page is dedicated to Italian records research. It will feature abstracts of civil records from Castellino del Biferno and Celenza sul Trigno, the fertile soil from which my own family tree grows. As my research progresses I will add more lists to this page, so please visit me often to see what's new. If you are interested in learning more about Castellino and Celenza, stay tuned. Soon I will include brief histories of these beautiful hill towns.
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To be ignorant of what occured before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?
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Celenza Marriages 1809-1816
Celenza Births 1809-1816
Celenza Deaths 1809-1816
Celenza Births 1817-1820
Celenza Deaths 1817-1820
Celenza Marriages 1817-1820
Castellino Deaths 1809-1811
Castellino Deaths 1812-1814
Castellino Deaths 1815-1817
Castellino Deaths 1818-1820
Castellino Deaths 1821-1823
Castellino Deaths 1824-1826
Castellino Deaths 1827-1829
Castellino Deaths 1830-1831
Castellino Deaths 1832-1835
Castellino Deaths 1836-1837
Castellino Deaths 1838-1840
Liza DeCredico's Italian Genealogy Page
Castellino Deaths 1841-1843
Castellino Deaths 1844-1846
Castellino Deaths 1847-1849
Castellino Deaths 1850-1852
Castellino Deaths 1853-1855
Castellino Deaths 1856-1858
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Castellino Deaths 1859-1861
Castellino Births 1811-1812
Castellino Births 1813-1814
Below: Celenza sul Trigno
There's nothing down here, but I'm glad you were curious enough to check! I'm still researching so some day there will be something to see here-----Libby
Below: Castellino del Biferno
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Castellino Births 1809-1810
Castellino Births 1815-1816
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Castellino Births 1817-1818
Castellino Births 1819-1820
Castellino Births 1821-1822
Castellino Deaths 1862-1865
Castellino Deaths 1866-1868
Castellino Deaths 1869-1871
Brett's Cemetery Photos
Castellino Births 1823-1825
Castellino Births 1826-1828
Castellino Births 1829-1831
My friend Brett has a website too! It has great cemetery photos, research tips and even lists of marriage records from Moniteau County Missouri and much more to come.
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Castellino Births 1832-1834
Castellino Births 1835-1837
Castellino Births 1838-1840
Castellino Births 1841-1843
Castellino Births 1844-1846
Castellino Births 1847- 1849
Castellino Births 1850-1852
Castellino Births 1853-1855
Castellino Births 1856-1858
Castellino Births 1859-1861
Castellino Births 1862-1864
Castellino Births 1865-1867
Castellino Births 1868-1870
Castellino Births 1871-1873
Castellino Marriages 1889-1895
Castellino Marriages 1896-1903
    Welcome to my site. I'm so glad you came. All these lists are abstracts of records microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for their Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. For both towns featured on this site, the microfilmed records span from 1809 through 1910.
      To abstract is to filter out the "legalese" and distill the data down to the pertinent names, dates and events. It took me almost 4 years to complete the abstractions of the records of Castellino and will take even longer to complete Celenza, as it is larger than Castellino with a larger population.
     I owe thanks to so many people for the work I have been able to accomplish. First among them are my grandparents, who told me stories about their childhoods and hometowns, which got me interested in my family's history. I am grateful to my parents for teaching me the value of history and how events which happened hundreds of years ago affect our lives today. I am thankful to the staff of the Family History Center in Frontenac MO for guiding me through the ins and outs of microfilm research. My friends Brett, JoE, Sam, Lois will always be valuable for their unselfish encouragement and great ideas.
     This site is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my mother Geltrude, (1936-2001) whose ancestors are commemorated here.
Castellino Marriages 1904-1910
Castellino Marriages 1883-1888
Castellino Marriages 1876-1882
Castellino Marriages 1872-1875
Castellino Marriages 1866-1871
Castellino Marriages 1858-1865
Castellino Marriages 1849-1857
Castellino Marriages 1842-1848
Castellino Marriages 1828-1841
Castellino Marriages 1818-1827
Castellino Marriages 1809-1817