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The collectors' edition of the game symphonic rain by Kogado Studio will come with a BGM arrange soundtrack with piano and cello arrangements by Hasegawa Tomoki.
On sale 2005.06.24. Price: ¥9,240 (w/o tax: ¥8,800)


Just a quick update to previous news.

"STRATOS4 ADVANCE Original Soundtrack"
release: 2005.07.20   catalog no: COCX-33272   price: ¥2,800 (w/o tax)
* Includes chiisa na uta by Hinata Megumi.

Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo Theme Song Single
"home & away / jewelry"
release: 2005.07.27   catalog no: COCC-15786   price: ¥1,200 (w/o tax)
* home & away is by MELOCURE. jewelry is by Inoue Kikuko.


Forgive the lack of updates. Revamped the site... well, not really. I just modified the old tacky layout into an even tackier layout. Profile, works, lyrics and links have all been updated, while all elsewhere have been tweaked a little.

On to the (not so new) news! Universal Music is releasing a compilation album of Okazaki's private singles. Entitled Love & Life ~private works 1999-2001~, the album will be released on May 5, a year after her death. As a bonus they've thrown in four tracks from her old singles that haven't been recorded on album. Comes with the promotion video of A Happy Life.

"Love & Life ~private works 1999-2001~"
album release: 2005.05.05   catalog no: UPCH-1405   price: ¥2,913 (w/o tax)

MELOCURE fans might be interested to know that Hinata Megumi continues to sing solo the theme songs for the new STRATOS4 OVA and the 3rd season of UFO Princess Walküre anime. No news about a CD release for the former, but it is recorded on the anime DVD. Brief samples can be found on her website. Both sound very MELOCURE-ish. :)
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