Wilder's Brigade Mounted Infantry

                Living History Society

  What we do

We are a group of living historians interested in portraying both Federal and Confederate mounted infantry regiments. Our primary focus is on members of Colonel Wilder’s Lightning Brigade. We portray the average soldier on campaign. Because of our small numbers and because this is a "specialty" impression, our main interest is living histories and specific specialized scenarios. We also require that all members have and maintain very high quality impressions. Our goal is to educate the public at large about this largely unknown branch of service. For Civil War reenactments, we will usually pair up with larger units and portray mounted infantry or cavalry with these larger units. Our unit is available, upon request, to do mounted infantry impressions for various living histories.

Why we do this

We portray members of Wilder’s Brigade because of our common interest in this unique unit. At the time, this unit and its concept was cutting edge. It was an infantry unit with superior mobility and firepower. It was led by courageous and forward thinking individuals. There is a great deal of documentation out there associated with Wilder’s Brigade and its various regiments. Since all of our current members hail from Georgia, and since Wilder’s men spent a great deal of time in this area, it provides a good opportunity to involve ourselves in many living histories in the area.


Our unit is always interested in obtaining new members and people interested in this impression. Membership is open to any male who wishes to educate the public through specialized programs and living histories. We do not wish for "cowboy" or individuals that wish to have out of the ordinary impressions. This type of impression is very expensive – prospective members should be aware of this. We have guidelines for equipage and conduct that must be adhered to. While we are certainly understanding of those individuals on tight budgets and will try to accommodate this, one must also realize the desire of us to do this right. If we are to educate the public, it has to be done with equipment and conduct that is correct for that time period. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information, please feel free to contact us via our contact email.