There are two kinds of rail vehicles in Serbia: 0,76 m railway (so-called 'Ćira') and classic 1,435 m railway. (There were other narrow gauges: 0,60 m, 0,75 m and 1,00 m, but 0,76 m was most in use.)

0,76 m railway 'Ćira'

0,76 m railways were in use in 19th century and in 20th century, till 1970s. This railways then were disassembled. Couple years ago started renewal of 0,76 m railways in Serbia. About 20 km of railways are revitalized. Now there are tourist attraction, there are not in industrial use (famous argan eight in west Serbia).

For this set is necessary to have new railway tiles set, like Railway and Electrified Railway. cornelius made narrow gauge tracks. Pictures and characteristics of vehicles I collected are here.

1,435 m railway

1,435 m (classic) railway vehicles are in use from 19th century to present time. Pictures and characteristics of them are here.

Serbian industries

Some industries in tropical climate are not present in Serbia. They need to be replaced. You can see new industries here.


Big help for me was Purno's Drawing Tutorial. Also, Lakie, patchman and DaleStan gave me many lessons about coding. When you download this set, read readme file to see how to install and play with this set. If something is not clear, please contact me.