First I saw empty trucks of 3rd generation have mistake: empty trucks have wrong cabins (like in 2nd generation). I fixed that. There was Truck fix. You can find it (and all further projects) on TTD Graphics site.

As I said, I love to play TT Original. I first made Hereford Lion Bus (i. e. Leyland Lion Bus). Patchman helped me very much. Thanx!

Then I made TT Original Railway Vehicles.

All this projects were very easy: simple copying pictures and then coding. I wanted to create my own pictures for TTD sprites. I made Farm Windmill (I must admit I'm not so good artist, am I?)

I wanted to introduce something from my little country to others: I made Ikarbuses. There are buses manufactured in Ikarbus - Serbian bus factory. That will be part of future Serbian road vehicles set (Ikarbuses, FAP trucks & buses, Zastava trucks). Some of them are part of George's long vehicles set. When I finish it, there will be all Serbian "ground" vehicles in TTD. I use that buses every day when I go to work. This sprites were much better, I think.

Meanwhile I made new riverbanks. This was again simple project: I used pictures of ground and made graphic from it.

I saw many graphics for DOS version (I use WIN version). I want to use them. Probably many DOS users have simple problem (how to use WIN graphics). I know a little bit of Visual Basic. I try to write WIN-DOS Graphic Converter, program which will convert all GRF and EXE files made for DOS in WIN version and vice versa. Patchman helped me to write command for converting EXE files, but something was wrong. Then orudge helped me to write shell command. In this time I have version which only converts GRF files. I hope version which converting EXEs to EXEs and EXEs to GRFs will come soon. All of this is still in development. This is open project!

As I said, I'm not so good artist and coder. Many great people (Purno, Singaporekid, Colonel32, Sanchimaru, Lakie, DaleStan, patchman, George, lifeblood, Siema, Marek) helped me to make Serbian Rail Set (I saw many rail sets on various TTD sites and I wanted to make set from my country). You can see pictures and technical characteristics of rail vehicles if you click here.