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This page last edited on 10 Sep 2006

Worsham & Washam Surname DNA Project


The  Worsham Surname Project is

The "Genographic Project" at is increasing membership in all of the Surname DNA Projects.  National Genographic has predicted to that they will test over a 100,000 by Apr 2006.  More information is at:

The Worsham project is new and we need volunteers.  For more information on the Worsham DNA project, please contact William A. Hughes, administrator at or the co-coordinator:


For all those Worsham and Washam family members who want to join this Genographic Project, I will be happy to search your ancestor family.  Please contact Larry Washam at



If you know any Washam or Worsham who would like to join. Have them to go to: (


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