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Questions and information on the Worsham and Washam Family History book should be directed to Dorothy Tuttle at or click Book Information on the left of this page.  Limited quantities of the book are available.

The information on this web site is generally information not published in the Worsham and Washam Family History. The book contains an additional 869 pages of information.  This Web site contains 103 pages of  information.  After clicking on each page, you may use Edit (find) to search for a name or place.  This is a link for more information on the book, Worsham and Washam Family History.

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DNA Project -  Worsham/Washam DNA Project is available at DNA Project.

Andrew Worsham b abt 1795

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Elam Worsham b 21 Feb 1820 NC


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Harriet Emiline Worsham b 1827 TN

Book Surname Index

Jacob D. Worsham b abt 1810 VA


James Worsham b abt 1808 VA


John Worsham b abt 1782 VA


John Warsham b 1805 NC


John Worsham b abt 1805 GA


John Archer Worsham b abt 1828 VA


John E. Worsham b abt 1810 VA


John T. Worsham (Wisham) b 1838 GA


John W. Washam b 1833 Monroe, TN


Richard T Worsham "Dick" b bef 1865 MO


Thomas Washam b 1815 TN


William Worsham b abt 1786 VA

Worsham and Washam Family index

William Thomas Washam b 1840 VA

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