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One of the important tools that microsoft support people use is called MPS reporting tool. This tool scan whole of your computer and creates a CAB file that you can sent to Microsoft support for further analysis. I think it is a good tool and we should know about it. As soon as you run the MPSRPT_XP.exe, you would see following window that is nothing else but standard EULA agreement. It is a good idea to read them, but good or bad, my practice has been to simply accept it.

As soon as you say yes to this window, a command screen pops up which seems to do a lot. Here is a screen shot of that.

What basically happens here is that this tool scans all hardware/software configurations of your computer and creates a set of files that are finally packed into a CAB file. This is to give Microsoft Support personal a very good idea about your computer configuration. Microsoft requires that you give this file back to support person so that he can analyse and help you out if he can. You can get the information gathered in this CAB file yourself but it is nice utility to get all of that at one place.

CAB file generally gets created at %SYSTEMROOT%\MPSReports\<Report Type> directory. In my case it turns out to be, C:\Windows\MPSReports\Setup\Lite\DualCPUSystem.CAB (DualCPUSystem is my computer name and would be your computer name in your case).

README.TXT file that gets generated gives you details about what this program does and where to look for what stuff. Also you can run this utility in one of two modes with the FULL mode (which can take a long time) to be executed after consulting Microsoft Support Professional.

Do ask Microsoft Support Professional about it.