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There are many other different martial arts styles which Grandmaster Wang Peisheng studied and taught. Also in his life, he and many famous masters became very good friend. They always practice and research together, and exchange their skills. From this way Grandmaster Wang learned a lot of other skills. It helps him to understand traditional martial arts deeply. These masters include Baji master Zhang Litang who was Magic Spear Li - Li Shuwen's disciple, Taiji Wuxing Chui and Chuojiao and Fanzi master Gao Ruizhou who was Li Ruidong's disciple and also studied with his father famous master Gao Fenglin, Xingyi and Bagua masterMa Yilin who was Han Muxia's disciple and son-in-law, Chen style Taiji master Chen Fake, Sanhuang Paochui master Wang Yuebo,   Bagua master Sun Xikun, Shaolin master Wu Zizhen, Eagle Claw Mo Wenda, Chinese Wrestling master Shan Shizun, and some others.


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