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Coron Island Protected Area

   Part of the Calamian Group of islands in northern Palawan, Coron Island has been declared a priority protected area in the DENR NIPAP program. Consisting of rugged limestone cliffs, it contains two lakes: Lake Cayangan (aka Barracuda Lake because of a landlocked population) and the larger Lake Cabugao. Coron Island is also the home of the indigenous Tagbanua people, semi-nomadic seafarers. Because of its protected area status and respect for the locals, some parts may be off-limits to visitors.

   On this map, Coron Island is located between the "N" of CORON and the "I" of ISLAND. It can be reached by pumpboat from the town of Coron on the larger Busuanga Island to the north. Coron town can be reached by ship or ferry from Puerto Princesa or Taytay on the main Palawan island.

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