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boon-docks (buen'doks )  n.
     1.  an uninhabited area with thick natural vegetation, 
as a backwoods or marsh.
     2.  a remote rural area.
        [1940-45, Amer.; Tagalog bundok mountain]
   When American GIs returned from Asia at the close of World War II,  besides Victory they brought home a new word to add to the lexicon -- "boondocks". It is derived from bundok the word for mountain in most Philippine dialects and decribes a place that is remote and inaccessible. 

   The Bundok Philippines Website is about making the boondocks somewhat more accessible. It's about the Philippine mountains and other wild areas: where to find them and how to explore them. Besides exploring, you'll find a little about their history and the important issue of conservation. If this is your first visit, you may want to start with the Website Overview.

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" ... even the wiliest traveler should enter each new range humble in spirit."

 -- Mountaineering - The Freedom of the Hills