Trips - The Legend of Magayon 

   Once there was a princess named Daragang Magayon (Daraga means lady, Magayon is beautiful) who lived in Bicol. She's so beautiful. She came from the family that reigns over the entire Bicol. 

   Because of her beauty and influence, warriors, princes and datus from different parts of the country desired to have her as their wife. But Magayon fell in love with a warrior named Handiong, a prince who came from a tribe that was, unfortunately, the rival of Magayon's tribe. The two suffered so much from their respective family's attempts to separate them that they finally decided to flee. Unfortunately their families found out and fought a bloody tribal war. This caused the young couple so much pain they decided together to commit suicide. 

   The tribes buried the lovers separately. Months passed when Magayon's tribe saw a volcano growing in the place where Magayon was buried. They named it for Daragang Magayon. "Bulkang Magayon" describing its perfect shape like their beautiful Daraga.

Contributed by Lorna Agpay who lives and writes not far from Volcan Mayon. You can read her other works on the Burnay E-zine.

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Image copyright © by Robert Gardner

 Ang Pag Ibig Ni Daragang Magayon
The Love of Daragang Magayon
Hango sa Alamat ng Bulkang Mayon
From the legend of Volcan Mayon

 by Lorna Salvosa Agpay

Para Sa Aking Handiong,
For My Handiong
Sa Simbahang Luma
In the old church
Daraga, Albay
Octobre 21, 1999

Aking pagibig, tangi kong mahal
My love, the only one in my life

Sa ating tipanan ako’y naghihintay
In our place , I patiently wait

Bawat oras, at minutong dumaan,
Every hour and every minutes that pass

Larawan mo hirang aking inaasam
Your nearness my darling, is the only thing I ask 

Itong simo’y ng hanging umaaliw sa akin
This whispering wind, that delights me

Sinugo ko na mahal, upang ika’y sunduin
I behest my darling, to whisper to thee

Sa bawat takbo nitong aking orasan
Every tick of the clock, every movement

Nanaginip akong kaharap ‘yong  larawan
I am dreaming of myself holding you near

Aking sinta, tanging iniibig
My love, my only one 

Kalungkuta’y lagi nang kaniig
Agony has been my husband 

Mula ng magbiro kapalaran sa atin
Since fate has cursed our love 

At ika’y ilayo sa aking piling
I’ve been the melancholy’s wife

Handiong aking sinta, 
Handiong, my beloved 

Sa aking piling, magbalik ka
Come back to me, can’t you see?

Itong aking luha, iyong pahirin
I need you to wipe away my tears

Aking pag ibig magbalik sa akin
Only your love can take away my fears

Hawak ko pa mahal, itong ating punyal
I still have it my love, this knife

Simula ng itarak, lagi nang kaulayaw
It pierces, it stabs, leaving me hugging death 

Simula ng dumaloy, dugo ng kamatayan 
The blood, the blood that killed

Tanging kong kapiling, bulkang aking libingan
Now I resides in my volcano grave 

Mahal magbalik ka, hanguin ako sa aking libingan
My love, please come back, take me from my grave 

Sirain ng pagmamahal, kaytaas na bulkan
Destroy it with your love, 

Aking sinta, tangi kong pagibig
My only one,

Sirain mong lahat ng sa ati’y balakid
Destroy everything that hinders our love 

Sa ibabaw nitong kaylungkot na simbahan
In this old church, our meeting place

Hinihintay pa rin kita, o aking mahal.
I am still waiting for you, oh love of my life