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Welcome to Webfoot's PlaceWelcome to Webfoot's Place. This has been an ongoing project for almost 2 and a half years. After making and maintaining four different homepages for other groups, I felt it was time to do a homepage for myself and this is the result. I have streamlined it a little because it was getting a little too large. The navigation links at the top and bottom of each page will take you to the main entry points.

The National Parks page is the entry point for stories and pictures of our camping trips in the National Parks of the United States.

The Tent page is a fun page dedicated to our tent. There you will see pictures of many of our campsites throughout the years with details of what was good and bad about that particular campground.

The California page tells about California and what makes it unique and different.

The Stuff Page is the entry point for my for my Webrings, awards, links, and visitor's page. Feel free to apply for a photography award or see awards I have won.

I teach 8th grade science at Cucamonga Middle School. As a technology mentor for the school district I am also responsible for the Bear Gulch Elementary School homepage. I am an Associate Director of the Inland Area Science Project, which is an organization dedicated to helping teachers teach science better. I have also added to my repertoire of homepages, the Inland Area Math Project, an organinzation dedicated to helping teachers teach math better. The fifth page I maintained was Operation Webfoot. This project was a history/geography project which sent stuffed animals all over the world to help teach my students and my children history and geography of the regions the animals visit. Operation Webfoot will become part of my fellowship for The Franklin Institute Online.

I am in the process of obtaining my masters in Instructional Technology from Cal State San Bernardino. If you are a school district in need of a technology coordinator, you can view my resume here

note.gifNO FRAMES!Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Due to the increasing number of spammers out there, I have been forced to remove my email address from these pages so please sign my guestbook and I'll get back to you. The links on this and subsequent pages were accurate at press time. If you should come across an obsolete link, please sign my guestbook and let me know, so I can correct the problem. All photographs are mine and are copyrighted.

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