Satellite Beach, Florida



The Sunshine State


I am a native of beautiful Florida and yes, I know how lucky I am...!

Was born here.
Grew up here.
Went to school here.
Had children here.
Plan to die here.

state flag

Florida Facts

27th state - March 3, 1845.


Population 1998:

Land Area:
58,681 sq. miles.

In God We Trust

state seal

State Symbols

(click for photo and detail)
Animal....Florida Panther

Beverage....Orange Juice


Butterfly.... Zebra Longwing

Flower....Orange Blossom

Reptile.... Alligator

Tree....Sabal Palm

Marine Mammal....Manatee
One of my dreams is to live on the Florida gulf coast. Walking on the beach at sunset with friends or a lover is "the ultimate in peace and relaxation". To feel the sugar sand between my toes, hear the waves softly hitting the shore and the birds telling me secrets in song, makes me realize how much the little things mean.

At this beach there are hundreds of parrots flying free. Quaker Parrots to be exact. What a beautiful site. I want to go there now.....

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People ask, "where do people from Florida go on vacation?" Answer: "Florida, of course"!! This is my spot. As close to heaven on earth as I have found. Anna Maria Island/Holmes Beach

button Fl. Weather Bureau

Being from a very vulnerable state, we are always on our toes when it comes to having severe weather information available. This is the site I use.

button Florida Kids

(Florida Division of Historical Resources)For additional information on Florida, this link is full of interesting information.See credit below.
seagull pic

Holmes Beach, Florida

sunrise pic
This photo isn't all that great, but the colors were beautiful that day.
Holmes Beach, Florida

palm tree
I want to thank the Florida Division of Historial Resources for the use of the state symbol photos and facts, except the gator (he is mine). You will find their link in my link section above. Approval received via email.....>>
JChristie@mail.dos.state.fl.us (Christie, James) Date: Mon, Jun 26, 2000, 8:08am To: myalea@webtv.net Subject: RE: WWW Form Submission Thank you for your interest in the Division of Historical Resources Web site. You my use said pages/images with credit to the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Jim Christie Web Design Florida Department of State Division of Historical Resources 500 S. Bronough St. Tallahassee, FL 32399 (850)487-2299 ext.172 FAX:414-2207 jchristie@mail.dos.state.fl.us

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