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Zorikh and Bronco are the hottest new act to blow onto the New York music scene. An outrageous combo of two one-man bands has joined to form one unstoppable two-man band!

Zorikh Lequidre is a multi-talented entertainer and artist. His musical styles embrace the gamut of rockabilly, blues, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, oldies, country, folk, bluegrass, Dixieland, Celtic, show tunes, sea chanties, and whatever else happens to come drifting by. His unique use of guitar, harmonica, and kazoo defies imitation.

Zorikh was a semi-finalist twice on Q104 FM's Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp competition. He has been seen on Phil Fumiano's New York Rocks TV, MTV Video Music Awards, and Comedy Central's Insomniac. He has played at such fine establishments as Kenny's Castaways, C-Note, Iggy's Keltic Lounge, and Gallagher's Ship's Mast Pub in New York City and Brooklyn. He also plays the subways in New York City and performs at parties, conventions, and other functions.

Bronco Von Johnstein is a graduate of MIT, ambassador to interplanetary travelers, and former test pilot for commercial enterprises. His musical influences include ‘50’s rock & roll, rockabilly, and western swing. He sings with his mouth, plays guitar with his hands, and drums with his feet. He is currently assisting the lost space robot in learning a trade to earn enough money for fuel and repairs.

Together, Zorikh and Bronco have brought audiences to their feet, cracked them up to hysterics, and thrilled them to pieces, as they mix up a set of classic covers with, medleys, original works and re-interpreted favorites. Some fan faves include "You Got Me," "I'm a Believer," "When the Celts go Marching In," "2 by 2," "Johnny B. Goode of the Lower East Side," "The M&M Song," “Jet Pack Boogie,” and "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins in the Style of Arlo Guthrie."

What some people have said about Zorikh and Bronco:

"...the more than brilliant Zorikh Lequidre...came dressed in full Celtic gear. He sang an absolutely hilarious rendition of "Bilbo" the hobbit in which the audience gladly participated. Mr. Lequidre has an enticing stage presence and a gift for humor. With his convivial act, he proved he was much more than a handsome guy in a kilt." - Hi! Drama Review, Channel 57 or Channel 109 By G.S. Bowen

"Talented, wise, and handsome" - Amsterdam News

"Mostly Talented, yet somewhat insane" - That guy at Kenny's Castaways

"If only Bronco's genius was in proportion to his craziness" - Bronco’s first mother

"Blocking passenger flow" - Officer Freel, NYPD

"Case dismissed" - Hearing officer, Transit Adjucation Bureau

Zorikh and Bronco are available for shows, parties, private functions, and interstellar travel.

“No job too big, too small, or too outrageous!”

Contact Zorikh at zorikh@juno.com or 917-865-1214

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