Zyzyz is often seen terrorizing the artaks and island pathers in the northwest forest of Puddleby Island, defying death before the mighty mandibles of the Arachnoids, or cheering on her favorite band, Slyph and the Slyphonics.  She is quick to grin in greeting, and even quicker to toss a loop of chain around a fallen friend and drag them somewhere safe to be healed.  Zyzyz is proud to be a Mini!

P.S.  In case you didn't know, a certain halfling has the cutest tummy ever.
Clan Lord
Fellowship of the Red Quill
Order of the Mini
How to reach Zyzyz
Name: Zyzyz
Email: zyzyz_cl@yahoo.com
Zyzyz' portrait to appear here.  Some things just take some time. Diary: blog.html